Data Modelling Training

This Data Modelling Training course Chennai builds on the entry level course ‘Introduction to ERwin Data Modeler’ and provides ERwin users with a deeper understanding of the tool abd Data Modelling Concepts in Practical. The three levels of data modeling, conceptual data model, logical data model, and physical data model, were discussed in our training. This course gives you the opportunity to learn directly from the industry’s dimensional modeling thought leaders. his class is designed for data warehouse architects, data modelers, database administrators, business analysts, and ETL or BI application developers and designers. It’s appropriate for anyone interested in A-to-Z coverage of dimensional modeling.

In this class, you will learn practical dimensional modeling techniques covering basic to advanced patterns and best practices. Concepts are taught through a combination of lectures, class exercises, small group workshops, and individual problems, based on real-world industry scenarios. Our goal is that students gain an in-depth understanding of dimensional modeling so they can confidently apply the techniques in their workplace following the training.
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About Our Data Modelling Training Instructor

Mr. Sai Ravi works as a Data Warehouse Architect for a Leading MNC in Chennai with 10+ years experience in Data Warehousing and contributing to the best Informatica training in Chennai. Mr. Sai Ravi Co Founder, Trainer & CEO, Greens Technologies (P) Ltd. He belives in learning followed by practicing then making it easier for others to learn Technology subjects. He has been training for last 8 years. He has been the DW/BI industry’s thought leader on the dimensional approach and trained more than 2,000 students.
Talk to the Trainer @ +91-8939915577

Data Modelling Training Course Syllabus

  • Identifying Data Objects and Relationships
  • Steps In Building the Data Model
  • Data Modeling as Part of Database Design
  • Entity-Relationship Model & Slowly Changing
  • Relational vs Dimensional
  • Dimensional Data Modeling
  • Relational Data Modeling
  • Logical Vs Physical
  • Physical Data Modeling
  • Logical Data Modeling.
  • Data Modeling Methodology






Data Modeling Tools

  • Introduction to Erwin
  • Forward Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Update Model, Alter database
  • Complete compare

Course Details – Day 1

Dimensional Modeling Fundamentals

  • Publishing responsibilities of DW/BI professionals
  • Role of dimensional modeling in the Kimball, Corporate Information Factory (CIF), and hybrid architectures
  • Fact and dimension table characteristics
  • Surrogate key for dimensions
  • Fact table granularity
  • Degenerate dimensions
  • Benefits of dimensional modeling
  • 4-step design process

Retail Sales Case Study

  • Transaction fact tables
  • Denormalized dimension table hierarchies
  • Dealing with nulls
  • Dimension role-playing
  • Date and time-of-day dimension considerations
  • Centipede fact tables with too many dimensions
  • Star versus snowflake schemas
  • Factless fact tables

Order Management Design Workshop

  • Complications with operational header/line data
  • Allocated facts at different levels of detail
  • Abstract, generic dimensions
  • Freeform text comments
  • Junk dimensions for miscellaneous transaction indicators
  • Multiple currencies

Course Details – Day 2

Inventory Case Study

  • Implications of business processes on data architecture
  • Semi-additive facts
  • Three types of fact tables – transaction, periodic snapshot and accumulating snapshot
  • Conformed dimensions – identical and shrunken roll-ups
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Bus Architecture and matrix for master data and integration
  • Drilling across fact tables
  • Consolidated cross-process fact tables
  • Individual exercise: Translate business requirements into DW bus matrix

Billing Design Review Exercise

  • Common design flaws and mistakes to avoid
  • Checklist for conducting design reviews

Slowly Changing Dimensions

  • Basic Type 1, 2 and 3 techniques
  • Advanced techniques to deliver current and point-in-time attribute values
  • Mini-dimensions for large, rapidly changing dimensions
  • Multiple mini-dimensions and outriggers

Credit Card Design Workshop

  • Complementary transaction and periodic snapshot schemas
  • Design considerations for one dimension versus two dimensions
  • Bridge tables for many-valued dimension attributes
  • Fact table normalization

Insurance Case Study

  • Review of design patterns and techniques
  • Development of bus matrix from extended case study
  • Complex, unpredictable accumulating snapshots
  • Detailed implementation bus matrix

Dimensional Modeling Process

  • Process flow, tasks and deliverables

Course Details – Day 3

Financial Applications – Profit Equation

  • Allocating costs to the same grain as revenue
  • Profit margin point analysis and value banding

Financial Applications – General Ledger

  • Tracking instantaneous balances
  • Multiple time zones
  • Drilling down in the general ledger to a document

Financial Applications – Budgeting Value Chain

  • Budgets, commitments and expenditures
  • Bridge tables for variable-depth ragged hierarchies
  • Shared ownership and time-varying ragged hierarchies
  • Pathstring alternative for ragged hierarchies
  • Tracking the “age of the book”
  • Calculating the “policy loss triangle”

Retail Bank Account Tracking Workshop

  • Multiple account types with hundreds of potential attributes and facts
  • Many-to-many account to customer map and weighted versus “impact” reports
  • Tagging accounts as “about to go bankrupt”
  • Super-types and sub-types

Automobile Options Exercise

  • Column versus row trade-offs based on usability and scalability

Compliance-Enabled Data Warehouses

  • Eliminating Type 1 and Type 3 updates

ETL Back Room Dimensional Designs

  • Tracking data quality with error event fact table
  • Column, structure, and business rule tests for data quality
  • Reporting data quality with audit dimension

Course Details – Day 4

Customer Relationship Management Payoffs Discussion

  • Business users’ expectations and bottom line impact?
  • Data sources needed? Common quality/integration problems?

Complex Customer Behavior Case Studies

  • Building study groups
  • Sequential time dependent study groups
  • Applying study groups to marketing panels and medical outcomes

Building Custom User Interfaces

  • Examples: car option selection, value band definition, study group creation

Customer Dimension Modeling Challenges

  • Sparse but wide demographics attributes
  • Finding detailed customer profile at random times in the past
  • Tricky time span queries
  • Simultaneous facts and dimensions
  • Relationship between prospects and customers

Real Time Customer Tracking

  • Hot partitions
  • Handling unresolved customer identities in real time

Modeling Sequential Behavior

  • Step dimension for describing sequential behavior
  • RFID and web page challenges
  • Modeling product purchase sequences

Big Data Analytic Use Cases

  • Competing DBMS and Hadoop architectures
  • Attaching dimensions to big data
  • Drilling across conventional and big data sources

Final Customer-Centric Topics

  • “Text” facts for customer cluster identification
  • Structured questionnaires

Data Modelling Training Course Highlights:

  • 1) Two days free trial - If candidate likes this course, these days are adjusted in his actual schedule.
  • 2) Live Project Exposure of Fortune companies.
  • 3) Training by Subject Matter experts from CMM Level 5 companies
  • 4) Running in two major financial cities of India – Chennai and Mumbai
  • 5) Worldwide Classroom training of Data Modelling and corporate classes at affordable fees.
  • 6) Our basic course worth more than the advanced course of other institutes/freelancers.
  • 7) Free Interview preparations.
  • 8) 100% free assistance for Data Modelling certifications.
  • 9) 100 % guarantee in succeeding the certification at affordable fees.
  • 10) Also provide Classroom training to students of foreign countries.
  • Learn Data Modelling Training from the Best Data Modelling Training Institute in Chennai

Data Modelling Training Duration

  • Duration: 70 hours
  • Regular classroom based training available for this course on Both Weekdays / Weekends
  • Fast Track (1-1): No of hours per day can be as per convenience of participant.
  • Weekend classroom classes are available for this course.

Data Modelling Training Locations in Chennai

Greens Technology
15 First Street Padmanabha Nagar, Adyar, Chennai
Tel: +91- 89399 15577
      +91- 89399 25577

Data Modelling Training Reviews

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Mr. Benjamin works as a IT Architect at IBM Global Business Services with 12+ years experience in Data Warehousing using Datastage and contributing to the best Datastage training in Chennai. He belives in learning followed by practicing then making it easier for others to learn Technology subjects. He has been training for last 8 years. He is a Datastage certified professional with in-depth experience in Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) processes using Ascential DataStage 8.1.1/7.5/7.1/7.0/6.0XE/5.2/EE (Parallel Extender).

Mr. Vijay Has Over 15 years in Technical Consulting in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Analytics. Vijay has helped clients across a variety of industries with their DW/BI challenges and solutions since 2001, including extensive work with health care insurers.

Ms Amrita Amrita is BI Consultant of the Greens Technology. She has focused exclusively on DW/BI since 2008 with an emphasis on business requirements and dimensional modeling. Amrita graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University.