SQL Server DBA Training in Chennai

SQL DBA Training in Chennai provides real-time and placement focused SQL Server DBA training in chennai with Completely Real-time Job oriented trainings by certified, experienced professionals. SQL DBA Training Course from Basic to Advanced Administration activities with practical, realtime approach and SQL Server Clustering. We can guarantee SQL DBA classes that makes you as a Microsoft SQL Server Expert. Microsoft Certification and Interview Guidance are provided during the course.

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All SQL DBA Sessions are Completely Practical. Theory Material provided in Advance.

SQL Developer / T-SQL Training

This course is specifically designed as per Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) ensuring interactive realtime and practical training on T-SQL Programming on SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 versions. A step by step training course for Basic through Intermediate Transact SQL (T-SQL) concepts with realtime methodologies and best practices. The course is carefully designed addressing all aspects of SQL Server fundamentals required for Database Administrators (SQL DBA) and Business Intelligence (MSBI) professionals.

  • SQL Server 2012 Installation
  • Database Design Techniques
  • Table Design with File Groups
  • Data Integrity & Consistency
  • Aliasing & Naming Conventions
  • Schema Creation & Namespace
  • Views and Data Security
  • JOINS Usage and Sub Queries
  • Indexes & Performance Tuning
  • Index Selectivity & Options
  • Stored Procedures & Tuning
  • Functions and Limitations
  • DML and DDL Trigger Types
  • Cursors Usage and Issues
  • Synonyms and Limitations
  • Transaction ACID Properties
  • Transaction Locks and Memory
  • Query Hints & Tuning Options
  • New Functions in DENALI

SQL DBA Training

This course is specifically designed as per Microsoft Official Curriculum ensuring interactive realtime project oriented LIVE SQL DBA Training on SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 versions.

Basic DBA

  • Transaction Isolation Levels & Issues
  • Blocking Issues & Deadlocks
  • Recovery Modes & Linked Servers
  • Database Snapshots and Usage
  • Backup Types, Strategies & Tuning
  • Restore and Recovery Options
  • Replication Configurations & Jobs
  • Peer - Peer Replication Issues
  • Log Shipping and Common Issues
  • Database Mirroring and Issues
  • Security Management & Issues
  • Certificates and Digital Signatures
  • Data Import & Export (SSIS) - ETL
  • SQL Server Audits and DBCC
  • SQL Profiler and Troubleshooting
  • Deadlock Graphs and Lock Monitors
  • Tempdb Issues and Log Sizing
  • Database Cloning and Issues
  • Indirect Checkpoints and Usage
  • Security Audits & Agent Monitors

Advanced DBA

  • Partitions & Statistics For Tuning
  • Query Troubleshooting & Tuning
  • Tuning Text and Image Data
  • Database Engine Tuning Advisor
  • Maintenance Plans and SSIS Tuning
  • Database Mail with Alerts & Operators
  • Database Repairs, Object Repairs
  • SQL Server Database Upgrades
  • Server Upgrades & DB Migrations
  • Smoke Test Procedures & Precautions
  • Policy Based Management (PBM)
  • Resource Governor and Tuning
  • Always-On Availability Groups (AAG)
  • Contained Databases and Usage
  • Windows Clustering Configuration
  • Active Directory (AD) Configuration
  • SQL Server Clustering Configuration
  • Adding SQL Cluster Nodes
  • Cluster Quorum & Storage (SAN)
  • MSDTC with Cluster Quorum Issues


An impeccable in-depth practical MSBI training course that is exclusively designed with Basic through Advanced BI implementations including Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services with MDX (SSAS) and Reporting Services (SSRS) with Date Warehouse (DW) design operations. All sessions are completely practical and real-time..

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of T-SQL / SQL Server is mandatory for this Microsoft BI Course.

Integration Services (SSIS)

  • Need for SSIS & Scope of Use
  • SSIS Configuration & Catalog DB
  • OLE DB Configurations for SSIS
  • Control Flow & Data Loads (ETL)
  • Data Flow Transformations
  • Dynamic Precedence & Loading
  • SSIS Configuration Options
  • SSIS Variables and Usage
  • Dynamic Parameters in SSIS
  • Parent-Child Parameters
  • Package Dependencies
  • Debugging Controls and Watch
  • Transactions and Isolation Levels
  • Checkpoints & SSIS Logging
  • SCD Types and Data warehouse
  • OLTP and DW Data Loads
  • Dimension Usage and Data Delta
  • Fuzzy & Static Data Loads
  • CHECKSUM Transformation & DW
  • Error Handling & Event Handling
  • TDS Packets & Buffer Sizing
  • .NET Integration & Scripting
  • SSIS 2012 Deployment Tools
  • Package Deployment & Security
  • Scheduling SSIS Package Jobs
  • Package Migrations & Reports
  • Package Backup Options
  • SSIS Log Viewer and Queries
  • SSIS Package Reports
  • SSIS Solution Migrations
  • SSIS Performance Tuning Tips
  • Realtime Case Study on SSIS

Analysis Services (SSAS)

  • Multidimensional DataWarehouse
  • Multidimensional Mode Usage
  • Tabular Mode Usage & Limitations
  • SSAS Architecture & Schemas
  • Cube Design & Format Options
  • Cube and Dimension Browsers
  • Hierarchies & Attribute Keys
  • Granularity & Unknown Members
  • MDX Queries for Data Analysis
  • MDX Joins, Filters and Functions
  • MDX Calculations and Scripts
  • Cube Partitions & MDX Tuning
  • SSAS Aggregations and Tuning
  • Proactive Caching Options
  • Aggregations & Perspectives
  • Time based Expressions & Keys
  • BI Enhancements and MDX
  • Parent, Child KPIs and Actions
  • Write-back Partitions & Logs
  • In-Memory Caching & KPI Tuning
  • MDX Calculations & Dynamic KPI
  • Excel Pivot Tables & Pie Charts
  • Power Pivot and Cube Reports
  • XMLA & DAX : Security Options
  • Deployment Process & Migrations
  • BI Enhancements & Granularity
  • Data Mining & Forecasts (DMX)
  • Mining Models and Score Rules
  • SSAS 2012 Deployment Issues
  • New Features in SSAS 2012
  • Realtime Case Study on SSAS

Reporting Services (SSRS)

  • Need for SSRS & Report Tools
  • SSRS 2012 Configurations
  • Web Services & Service Accounts
  • Port Configurations and RSKey
  • Data Sources & Shared Data Sets
  • Remote Data Sets & Report Parts
  • Table Reports and Matrix Reports
  • Report Designer Paging Options
  • Report Headers and Footers
  • Toolbox Headers and Footers
  • Row Groups & Column Groups
  • Drill-down Reports & Bar Charts
  • SSRS 2012 Dashboard Design
  • Global Variables and Data Sets
  • Parameters & DataSet Filters
  • Visibility Options and LOOKUP
  • Chart & Data Bar Reports
  • Chart Reports & Map Reports
  • Joining Local, Shared Datasets
  • SSRS 2008 R2 Report Models
  • SSRS Deployment & Options
  • Cache Refresh and Snapshots
  • SSRS Snapshots and History
  • Security Management & Roles
  • Cube Based Reports with MDX
  • Report Builder Configuration
  • Report Builder MAP Reports
  • Report Parts and Usage
  • Managing Report Builder Reports
  • SSRS Report Monitoring & Tuning
  • Realtime Case Study on SSRS

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Exam 70-462 Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases

This exam is intended for database professionals who perform installation, maintenance, and configuration tasks. Other responsibilities include setting up database systems, making sure those systems operate efficiently, and regularly storing, backing up, and securing data from unauthorized access.

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